Best WordPress Hosting Service Providers 2018

Choosing the best WordPress hosting for your website is not necessarily hub anymore.

There are plenty of WordPress hosting services available for websites that you can grab for getting the unmatched performance.

To provide you the best WordPress Hosting options, I have compiled the best hosting providers that you should look forward to using in 2018 for the reliable offerings.

You can have super secure server by having best WordPress web hosting that gives the best deal with its effortless services.

Starting with the favorite hosting services.


Bluehost Web Hosting

Bluehost is a great service provider of WordPress hosting. It is quite responsive and offers best features.

Bluehost has better control and capable of making a big improvement on your site. It is wonderful and its smooth performance is unparalleled.

It helps your website to get visibility in the web world.

It has been started in 1996 and there are paid and unpaid services both for the users. The paid version is from $ 24.99 to $169.99 in a month as per the package.

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Siteground (My Favorite)

SiteGround Web Hosting

Siteground is a lovely option here. Its programming is impeccable and very low maintenance with the server. It keeps your site in a better position and far secured comparatively. It sports various features that prove that your site will be more capable and will stay away from hackers and other unwanted stuff that is a killer for your website.

You can avail yourself the free domain and 50% discount for WP Beginner.

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Its price for a month is from $9.95 to $29.95. It has better control so you have no reason to say no to this. One thing more this brand is optimized with location hosting with data centers like USA, Singapore, and Europe.

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Web Hosting Hub

Web Hosting Hub

Web Hosting Hub is quite easy to operate. It is the best WordPress hosting services I have come across. This is superb in supporting your website with its integrated value. Its feature is having all the essential factors that groom your website with its reliable performance. You have reason to go for this as it has secured several best value awards.

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Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion Hosting is best for your website and it extracts the good from your website. Your website richness will be doubled when it has the support of Inmotion Hosting. It adds extra juice to your site and increases your productivity by increasing its speed. It is very helpful for your professional growth as it automatically upgraded with its new releases.



Hostgator is very popular among the list. It has over 8 million domains. It is so smooth and easy to download that takes only a few seconds. Once you will use Hostgator services you will become a fan of it.

It takes up all the issues of your websites as this WordPress Hosting service is amazingly active and perfect for your WordPress website. The hosting service comes with affordable pricing of $ 5.56/month.

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WP Engine is comprehensive and its programming is properly channelized that makes your website functions well. This best hosting WordPress service is compatible with all websites on WordPress.

It offers services for all from the price range from $29 to $249 for every month. There is also offering of basic package that is for WP Beginners.

The best hosting WordPress is easy to download and gives a smooth result on your site. Its server is fast so you do not need to wait for makes your site get simple things done.


The flywheel is an extraordinary service provider and its various inbuilt features have given peace of mind to the WordPress optimized websites.

WordPress web hosting cost is around $15 to $75 per month and there is an opportunity for the people who want to have its services in bulk. If you have 10 to 30 sites then it will cost you around $ 100 to $ 250 on monthly basis. It is designed to give better input and a prolong security and features both.

The Flywheel is a platform that combines the performance, good cost and indeed easy to use.


GoDaddy is among the best web hosting for the WordPress users. It is massive and reliable in performance. You can surrender your site in the hand of Godaddy.

In return, you will get all the advantageous services that make your site up to date. You will never feel your site is the victim of running slower. If you will buy hosting for your site from Godaddy you will never regret.

The pricing starts at $ 4.74 p/month. It offers great packages which are convenient to pay for all.


BigRock Web Hosting

When you are planning to buy web hosting, Bigrock is the best option and it is in the budget also. You will be offered its services only in $ 5. 60. It is universally renowned and effective in giving us good speed and frequency.

Bigrock is the finest option as it the blend of performance and good price. You are free from worry of server configuration and security setting.

You indeed cannot afford to have the slow and dull website for you. The top-notch hardware requires making your site run and if you are getting in the form of best WordPress web hosting then the response would be the best.

You will get the set of full features, security, better support, speed and value for your money.


Getting your website optimized with the best WordPress hosting is a tough job, as there are several options.

I have reviewed only those reliable and trustworthy WordPress web hosting companies that understand your needs and do not let you down with the broken features.

These companies have a strong foundation and millions of users so you can also rely on.

Give anyone a try, if you ask my opinion, I would recommend you to go with SiteGround… 🙂

Do let me know about which hosting service you are using for yourself any why…?

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