Catalysts Behind BloggersDog

Have you ever heard about catalyst before?
It has a simple definition in Chemistry, i.e. “A catalyst takes part in a chemical reaction which increases or decreases the rate of reaction.” (the only thing I remember in Chemistry…) 🙂
We know, this definition has nothing to do with you.But for us it means a lot. For us, catalysts means inspiration, i.e. people who inspired us, pushed us to get something started so that we can make their lives simple.

Hope you won’t mind the start of this post. 🙂

Though we tried our best to explain the objective of BloggersDog in About Us page & we hope you have gone through it and understood the same.
But there is still a question that is to be answered. How did we get this thought?Who were the catalysts? Who
are the people who actually made us think about starting one such website?
Here are the ones whom we actually kept in our mind while starting BloggersDog.

The Young Generation

We have come across youth who take up painstaking measures to search a career like doing part time jobs to earn money (just because they need money to manage their expenses and support their family as well).
The most common options of joining a BPO and Network Marketing are always open for them. But the worst part is, when some young kids become Brokers and involves in Betting.
These measures ultimately affect their career, ruin their lives and they end up betraying themselves.
What we would suggest is, instead of going to night shift jobs (BPO) or doing something which has nothing to count in future other than leading to disaster, you must choose something easier and knowledgeable.
Something that is related to your studies, or to your field interest.
There are good fields like giving coaching, conducting workshops, making and selling projects. But the easiest option is Blogging which we know will satisfy every need of yours.
Like, if you are giving coaching, you can run a blog and share your expertise with the rest of the students. That will ultimately help them as well.
If you are making and selling projects, then you can run a blog and share the tutorials and approach people to get you hired.
If you are conducting Workshops, then you can share your reports and experience with others and there is a good chance of you getting an opportunity to conduct it in other schools or colleges.
Sounds quite simple and straight. Right? Yes, indeed it is.. 🙂
This will not only increase your knowledge base but also help you earn a valuable image online.
Blogging is one of the finest platform where you can share multitude of things and be a star.
Just for a real example, this young boy Rohit Palit, who has just turned 16 and is currently on XIIth standard, running his own website called TechTage (a website for SEO, WordPress and more).
He started TechTage when he was in Xth standard.He has already done some SEO projects for other companies and doing pretty good in Blogging as well.
We personally as students have confronted many situations where we had to cut down our likings and desires as we didn’t had money to spend.
Though most of us get pocket money these days but it’s always exciting to buy something from our own efforts, from our own earnings. It gives us a stronger and independent feeling.
It’s time to be independent now! Just start a Blog.

Empowering Women

Have you ever heard about this quote?
is no force equal to a woman who is determined to rise”.
We always wanted to keep women in our priority list, as they play a major role in our society.
A majority percentage of women are educated and yet unemployed. That also includes housewives.
Even if you are a girl, to a certain age everything will seem like smooth and fine, but after that you be will be left with no other option than Marriage (now,even the matrimonial sites ask girls about their interest in post-marriage jobs).
What we want to share is, women or girls, can use their various skills and hobbies as a medium
to make money.
For example, cooking, weaving, stitching, painting, craftsmanship etc. sound quite normal but the power of your hobbies is unknown to you.
You can create a website and share your ideas and creativity with the online world.

You can create a tutorial or webpage related to your interest or hobby and share your knowledge with the users.If you are a girl and you have interest in singing or dancing, you can simply make your singling/dancing videos and upload it on YouTube.For a real example, We are sure you have heard about Shraddha Sharma who is amazingly talented singer and has her own popularity on YouTube.

A part from YouTube there are websites that are very effective for interests like Music and Dancing.

You can go to Meetkalakar, ReverbNation and feature yourself there. We are sure doing this will give you certain opportunities for your talent that will take it to another level.

Just give a try.

Even ReverbNation gives you an option to write blogs after sign up process. So, it all counts, just upload amazing stuffs and share it too.

Believe us, it hardly takes few days or months to get the audience for your work. And you don’t need to bother when we are there to help you.

It will also be one of the most admired platforms ever, as you are spreading your talent among people and inspiring them to get along your path.
For example, recently we came across a website Helping Women Get Online which is a Google initiative to empower the women in India. The site aims at addressing the gap among women internet users.
It covers different stories of successful women out there who use internet as their tool to establish themselves.
One such story is about Nisha Madhulika, who uses internet to learn new recipes and dishes and share her cooking recipes with the world.
She has a successful video channel with about 860 videos and more than one lakh subscribers. 🙂
Isn’t it amazing??
From a small town housewife to a successful YouTube chef. 🙂
Such an inspiration for the other women.
You can contact her from her website and ask for help or suggestions.
Hold on! why would you need to do that even? Let us conduct an interview of her here and we will make things simpler for you.
Yes, we already made a contact to her and soon we gonna make that happen.
It’s not about just a single woman. It’s about all of you. If one such person can set an example then it is just because she wants others to follow her.
We really want you to change your mentality. Don’t feel that the housewife tag is gonna stop you from doing anything. It’s the time when you can share all your learning and experience with the rest of the world.
Just ask your children to get a good mobile phone or camera and start recording the videos. Language is not an obstacle, what matters here is your first step that will set the rest.
You must have heard about this famous dialogue “Don’t underestimate the power of a common man”. We would rather say the same for a common woman. 🙂

Guiding Newbie From Scratch

Calling yourself a newbie to internet is not at all acceptable when we are here. We will act as a medium to connect you with the internet. It doesn’t matter if you never opened a browser or surfed net.
Using internet is very easy and we will show you how it is so easy.
There is always a fear about certain things when we do something for the very first time, as you always have an intuition of getting failed.

But our point here is, being a newbie to internet shouldn’t be a reason for you to stop thinking about making money online. You can get your hands on it and make a good amount.

Budding Businesses

Evening snacks are a routine for us. We have been too many street sides food and tea stalls that make absolutely mouth savoring and finger licking cuisines.

But apart from their local fame they haven’t got an existence.

We mean they won’t see increase in customers coming to their shops unless somebody is gonna recommend his or her friend about them.

In order to grow in a bigger circle and expand your business, you need to try your hands in the online world as well.

Not just food and tea stalls, textiles, handicrafts, and something that is the specialty of your shop or business etc. can also be taken to a different level with the help of internet.

Internet is something, if driven in the right path can make you famous overnight.

Giving your consumers a wide option to get in touch with you and your products will ultimately help you in taking your business to new heights.


There is nothing called struggle or living a general life. All we need is to make a try and the rest we can imagine easily. Like we did.
We all have something unique in us that we enjoy doing often.
Now you have a platform called blogging, why you just don’t take your interest to another level?
We hope this post will inspire you to get started with your interest and completely explains you the inspirations behind BloggersDog.
Remember, it’s not only about us growing, it’s about growing together. Helping each other and sharing experience.
We want you to get started with your interests.
Taken together, it’s all for the common man out there. It’s for you!
This initiative is taken to let you know how you can do wonders with Internet and how this can change your life entirely. 🙂
Let us know if you need any help or have any doubts. Just share your thoughts below. We surely gonna take care of it.


Yash is an internet marketer. He's been into Internet marketing for the last four years and continuing now. He loves WordPress themes and templates and likes to share the useful ones with the audience.

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