Digital Marketing And Its Latest Trends To Follow In 2018

Over the web, you must have seen a trend like people claiming themselves to be a Digital Marketer.

So, what exactly is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing refers to the marketing of products or services using digital technologies like via Internet, mobile, media advertising and radio. The era of digital marketing has grown since the year 2000. Today, almost 80% business is making use of digital technologies to trade.

People are now becoming habitual to use digital technologies instead of arriving physical shops also known as “Traditional Marketing”.

Today, the word “Digital Marketing” is also called as Web marketing, Online marketing, and Internet marketing.

Seeing a rapid growth in digital marketing have also led marketers to move to digital practices to benefit their branding and promotions to maximize marketing efforts. Dealing digitally has not only accelerated marketers growth but also helped customers in getting 24/7 online support.

Social media engagements have led brands to receive positive, negative feedback, suggestions or recommendations from the customers. In that capacity, the future of digital marketing has turned into an expanded preferred standpoint for brands and organizations. It is now in practice for customers to post online comments through web-based social networking sources, blogs and sites on their experience with a product, service or brand.

It has turned out to be progressively popular for organizations to utilize and empower these discussions through social networking channels to have coordinate contact with the clients and deal with their recommendations correctly.  

Latest Digital Marketing Trends That Will Rock Your 2018

Technology is upon which digital marketing today is based on. The basic nature of technology is it keeps on changing rapidly. The same is applied to digital marketing strategies, development, and tactics. let’s quickly take a look at few latest trends that will help you to succeed.

Fresh SEO Tools:

We witnessed a good number of SEO tools in 2017 and 2018 would be another great year for marketers to try fresh list of SEO tools. SEO tools like SERPLAB, SEMRush are already in demand and these would be coming along with more handy features.

Video Marketing:

Video marketing is advancing quickly and will achieve new records sooner than we might accept. This is believed by 83% of organizations trusting that video advertising gives them a decent Return on investment (ROI). Latest stats have revealed the fact that 63% of organizations have begun utilizing video content advertising. Out of that 82% of organizations feel video promoting is a critical piece of their system.

Videos like live streaming give advertising groups a genuine measure of adaptability with regards to arranging video campaigns. There are great advantages to video marketing like brands can boost their sales and conversion, video builds trust among customers, 83% people watch videos on YouTube (good amount of sales can be generated), Twitter audience love to watch video content, engagement of even the laziest purchaser, large amount of social shares, etc.  

Data-Driven Advertising:

Buyers usually generate a lot of data during their course of final purchase. This is also now becoming one among the latest trend in digital marketing. Brands would now be able to utilize that information to activate their observers. Without uncovering clients’ protection, clients’ Data can be gathered from advanced channels (for example: when client visits a site, reads an email, or interface with brand’s application), brands can likewise gather information from certifiable client corporations, for example, physical stores visits and from Customer relationship management (CRM) and Sales motors datasets.

Otherwise called People-based marketing, Data-driven promoting is engaging brands to locate their long-term clients in their crowd and convey progressively a significantly more individual correspondence, exceptionally applicable to every client’s minute and activities.


Augmented reality is the thing on the boom in today’s world. Why not make use of this fantastic technology to build something that can use automated responses when visitors arrives on your webpage or mobile app?

Though a text messaging company with a decent bulk SMS service can do a pretty great job while dealing with Chatbots, all the human effort gets decreased significantly while dealing with Chatbots, all thanks to the AI.

Today, around 74% of customers chatbot interactions are incorporated around customer related service questions. But in later years these chatbot engagements will rise up to 83%.

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