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Do you want to build a website easily and fast without any web development knowledge? We know you do. You are not the one. That is why page builders are resonating with more and more users on the web market.

Just imagine that there are more than 1 million of the installations done for Elementor Page Builder.

Since the number of people who use it for building websites and content grows, more add-ons and plugins appear to add advanced features to Elementor.

Developers and web studios together with the final buyer are searching for an easy way to modify pages without digging deeply into CSS and PHP. This is the reason why trading platforms have started offering templates built exactly for Elementor.  

Although using the page builder is much easier than coding the website from scratch, there is a to make it even more easy and pleasurable.

CrocoBlock Saves Money & Time

So far, creating a project with Elementor has required extra plugins, feature-rich templates, time for exploring the documentation, and efforts to ensure the software is compatible. Let it go!

Currently, you just need to subscribe for the CrocoBlock and free access to premium plugins and numerous modern templates as a whole is in your pocket. Into the bargain, the CrocoBlock provides clients with a 24/7 support and is always ready to assist you with any of your questions.

All-in-One For Building A Website

Before covering further information let’s find out what CrocoBlock is. Well, it is an all-in-one subscription service including all the components you might need to build a website via Elementor.

Developed with Elementor’s users and their convenience in mind CrocoBlock brings up even more remarkable and powerful functions.

Thanks to CrocoBlock, your page builder will become a completely powerful instrument essential for creating projects of any difficulty from the very beginning.

What WIll You Get Subscribing To CrocoBlock?

The first thing you will pay attention to is a full set of Jet plugins explicitly developed to supplement Elementor page builder. Whether you use free or Pro version, the plugins work equally in both cases. They also come with some widgets for whatever purpose, give an opportunity to utilize premade page templates and elements, and make any kind of sections or content via Elementor.

As of now, CrocoBlock subscription service offers a pack of 10 plugins for Elementor. Let’s start with JetThemeCore and JetEngine plugins because they are the most crucial in CrocoBlock. Okay, let’s take a look at them one by one.

JetThemeCore Is A Key Plugin For Building Websites

The JetThemeCore plugin is fairly a core of modular functionality. It allows dealing with a header, footer, archive, and single page template with no hassle.

There is no need to search for .json files inside the plugin pack to import and utilize them on the pages. Besides, you should not refer to other add-ons and extensions because all the functions are already in the pack.

Since JetThemeCore is not available on any other marketplaces, CrocoBlock is the only place where you can get it. It is an exceptional product which is preferred by many CrocoBlock clients. Below, you may find the reason why the plugin is so deeply loved:

Magic Button

Magic Button gives you access to 1000 premade sections, designed to fit different needs. Each of the components is carefully-designed and easily customized with Elementor. All you have to do to get them is just install JetThemeCore, go to Elementor customization menu and push the above-mentioned button.

Thanks to a thorough sections categorization, you may easily choose from numerous Home, About, Services pages, and more page templates concentrated on pricing, countdown timers, image layouts, and much more.

Header and Footer Templates

Thanks to JetThemeCore plugin, you also get an opportunity to work with the elements that are often out of reach for other page builders – footers and headers. Making use of the plugin you are able to create header or footer templates and attach them to various pages corresponding to your needs. That being said, you may create two miscellaneous headers and add them separately to the pages to make them meet the style of both.

Archive and Single Post Page Templates

If you want to create Archive or Single page templates featuring the freshest posts extracted from your website or just displaying them, you may easily do it with the help of JetThemeCore. In conjunction with the widgets offered in JetBlog add-on, you are able to add to the website Archive pages of any difficulty without any effort.

JetEngine – Uncommon Plugin For Elementor

When it has come to applying custom fields, meta boxes, custom post types, and taxonomies, you’ve previously needed to download separate plugins for each of functions.

Today, CrocoBlock service including JetEngine for Elementor does not require to use anything separately. All you have to do to start creating custom post types, taxonomies, and meta fields directly from WP dashboard is just install JetEngine.

Do not worry about connecting the plugin to Elementor. It lets you create any kind of templates with the help of the set of specific widgets for showcasing dynamic content. Just define the type of information you want to make visible (meta field, repeater, thumbnail, etc.), and you are all set. Be aware that all custom post types and taxonomies will have equal look and fields whereas showing off various content.

Except for that, you will also get an opportunity to create grid and list layouts from the custom posts and taxonomies making use specific widgets.  

More Plugins For Elementor… More Opportunities For You

Another Jet plugins completely supplementing Elementor page builder let you apply any kind of content to your web page including mega menus, sliders, dynamic post layouts, visuals, and much more.

To learn more about each plugin, check out the list below:

  • JetElements is a plugin containing about 35 widgets that allow displaying various static and dynamic content. Here you will find widgets for applying sliders, post carousels, image layouts, contact and newsletter subscription forms, timelines, etc.
  • JetMenu is a plugin best suited for modifying menus Elementor-built and standard WordPress headers. Its major function is to let create mega menus with Elementor page builder. That being said, you are able to apply any content, arrange it making use of any amount of columns with any layout, and showcase the formed template as a mega menu.
  • JetBlog is a perfect solution for adding dynamic content to Elementor-built pages. JetBlog allows displaying the newest publications as striking post tiles and listings. Besides, you are able to work with custom post types and fields through the mentioned plugin. If you want to work Archive templates or add little vivacity to your blog page, JetBlog is right what you need.

  • JetBlocks plugin features additional widgets for creating the footer and header templates with Elementor. With this add-on, you may also create sticky headers and sidebars allowing them to remain visible while scrolling the page.
  • JetTabs plugin comes with the widgets allowing making content look more well-structured. Use JetTabs to apply elegant tabs, accordion blocks, or section switchers to the pages.
  • JetReviews add-on features Review widget and adds it to Elementor editor. It lets apply and modify the look or reviews utilizing page builder.
  • JetTricks plugin is helpful if you want to add appealing visuals or animations to your web page. With JetTricks, you will be able to add Parallax Scrolling to both sections and special widgets. It also allows applying tooltips and satellites elements for widgets. Besides, the integrated Section Particles effect let you apply animation to the section background.  

More Demos On Any Topic

If you search for skins specifically developed for Elementor, CrocoBlock is a perfect place. Every skin presented on subscription service includes the set of distinctive pages including About, Home, Contact, and more. They can be applied and edited with ease.

For today, 30 various skins exist. They are dedicated to business, corporate, blogging, etc.

Each skin contains distinctive headers and footers which can be easily customized with Elementor. If you want to apply a new page from the other skin, make use of Magic Button.

Free Kava Theme

CrocoBlock subscription service is available with its own Kava theme. It is completely compatible with Elementor Pro and Free, supports header and footer locations, and features about 50 blog page layout. Kava is free of charge.

Download for Free

In case you do not want to create Archive or Single Post pages using the Elementor, select one of the Single post or blog page layouts, and proceed with them.  

CrocoBlock – With Love For Elementor

To sum up, CrocoBlock has everything you may need to work with the Elementor page builder. We do not recommend considering it to be a bunch of plugins. It is rather a collection of products that staff the page builder and gives you an opportunity of implementing any project without applying to a single line of code.

No matter if you use Free or Pro version of Elementor, the products offered in CrocoBlock add the advanced functionality and bulk of steep features to both, letting you deal with even the most sophisticated web designs.

The subscription service allows building websites from header to footer with no hassle and optimizes the way you add the content. Whether you are a non-techies or coding expert, CrocoBlock makes creating a site accessible for anyone.

If you are a fan of Elementor, you will certainly accept CrocoBlock.


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