000Webhost Review: Get Free Web Hosting For WordPress At A Zero Cost

Are you looking for a Free WordPress web hosting for launching your website? There are many web hosting services over the web, but 000webhost is a renowned name in the web hosting industry. The web hosting company has been flourishing at a rapid rate with a leadership experience of 11 years in the industry.  

Free Web Hosting Service

With its high performance and dedicated service, the company has been successful in grabbing the top rank in Google search. This is a clear indication that the company definitely has a million of service users all over the world. It has been regarded as the leader in its field due to the free services that it is providing in regard to the web hosting.

The specialty of the company lies in the advertising service that it provides to various business organizations and clients without any costs. This has assisted the company in gaining a large segment of customers under the umbrella of its service.

000webhost has made it very easy for the clients and business organizations to avail its services without the hassle of providing large-scale information. The company simply asks for a simple sign up without even asking for registering through the credit cards for payments.

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99% Uptime Guarantee & A Lot Of Hosting Options

000webhost has been the best in business that provides web hosting services for free along with 99% of uptime guarantee. The company provides free web host services by having a platform of MySQL and PHP along with no restrictions.  

The hosting services that 000webhost provides are GD2, Curl, XML, PGP sockets, fopen (), lonecube loader, Zend, .htaccess along with various other features of PHP.

With its highly diverse and integrated services, 000webhost provides a huge platform of limitless space in the disk along with optimum bandwidth. The clients also receive unmetered connections to the servers of the company. This is one aspect that many service providers do not provide.  

000webhost provides complete access to the most innovative and latest versions of MySQL and PHP. Clients and business organization can look forward to a   great range of options regarding Hostinger web hosting. Buyers can also buy additional features with some discounted option attached to it.

Easy to Usage

The usage of a person who is not at all tech savvy is somewhat simpler in comparison to other providers. The “Auto-Installer” can be downloaded for free. As the website builders are given a real-time tutorial at the time of the installation process, a person will little or no acquaintance to technology can also handle the website building exercise.

Presence of online gallery is extremely useful for newbies. Step-by-step guide minimizes error chances. At 000Webhost, businesses can expect popular scripts to be incorporated like Drupal, OS Commerce,  WordPress, Photo Gallery, Joomla.

Custom Theme Building

e-Commerce stores must be distinct and appealing to the customers. 000webhost takes that into consideration and offers a wide range of themes to choose from.  The businesses are given the flexibility to either re-create their own theme or use the already prevailing themes available in the market. In case, if specific suggestions are liked by the website builder, they pay for such themes to be offered for sale on their platform. An assorted array of themes in FMCG, product and other sectors can easily empower the e-commerce business of the clients of 000WebHost.

At the discretion of the business, separate gallery, forum, and other relevant platforms can be created for promotion.

Simpler Terms & Conditions

Often business owners do not want to fall into the legalities of complex rules and regulations. e-Commerce stores are always looking forward to straight-forward contracts without ambiguity in it. On 000webhost, the businesses are given the advantage of simpler rules and regulations governing the contract. They are boisterous about the service deliverance and move to any miles for satisfying the customers.

Huge Space and Strong Bandwidth

The least entertained reality at any e-Commerce website would slow uploading of the website. On 000webhost, the availability of  GB of bandwidth along with unlimited disk space ensures smooth business function. Quick installation of themes and templates can allow the users to quickly change the look and feel of the website as per the requirement.

Game Changing Tools

The tools of 000webhost have been the game-changing proposition for the website. The inbuilt website builder has been specifically designed to aid newbies or tech-illiterates to easily build their website with just a click of a button. PHP, MySQL and cPanel tools can aid website developers to incorporate advanced solutions as per the changing trends and dynamics of the market. Such flexibility means you can change the look and feel of the website as and when required without any hassle whatsoever.

Affordable Pricing

An excellent choice for new businesses. Such businesses can easily build their web presence and let the Internet increase their ROI with a storm. As most of the features are availed at a lower price in comparison to other competitors, 000webhost has always appealed to start-ups and sole-proprietors.

000Webhost Pricing


In this fast-changing online world, every business is optimistic about increasing their ROIs. With the availability of a decent and reliable web-platform, the challenges of the businesses have been dealt away with. The CMS, web-development platform and other aspects of 000webhost have never failed to astound its users. It is on this account, as many as 16 million businesses have subscribed to 000webhost. These figures are such to numb any reader. But certainly, it is a reality that you can now make your web-hosting happen in real-time without spending a dime or dollar.

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