How We Started BloggersDog- The Idea & Execution

To be honest, it was a bit difficult for us to launch BloggersDog. We went through several tiresome discussions and phases, finding things difficult. It took almost 4 months to start this website.
You must be thinking now does it really take that much time to start a website?
Actually, it doesn’t. 🙂
It depends on how slow and silly you are in taking decisions (we were a bit lazy). 🙂
Yes, I agree, we were a bit slow in nurturing our concept. But it’s never too late. You always have a new day to start.
As we did not sound too technical (never had any interest, except a few of us), so in the beginning, it took us time to figure out things like- from where to begin and what to begin?
This post is all about sharing our personal experience, i.e. How we started BloggersDog?
And which situations we have been through while launching our website?
I am sure after reading this post you will be able to start your own website with few simple steps moreover, without any hassle.
Have a look, how we began our domain search?

Step 1: Hunt For The Domain (Funny & Catchy)

Earlier we were not getting the concept- with what plan we should move on to start a blogging website (not just about blogging but to take it to further levels).
When we got the idea, we now got busy in searching for the domain (which we own now…. Cheers!!!). 😛
If you pay attention to the domain of this website you will find it interesting and funny.
Don’t you?
There is a concept behind it.
See, people love to click on things that look funny or catchy.
For e.g.-
  • An appealing Blog Title.
  • A nice tag line for a website.
  • A domain name (in our case)
Those are good enough to grab a visitor’s attention.
Moreover, it will compel users to click on such names resulting in increased number of
viewers on your website.
We were striving for a domain name too, which sounds amazing. We went through several discussions together to pick an interesting domain, but whatever came in our mind didn’t work at all.
The reason being those domains was either at auction or were already taken by
In between all this, we came to know about some key things about domains (will discuss more
about this in our upcoming blogs).

Bingo Time

After a lot of hit and trial methods and discussions, finally we got something unique (thanks to Di).
One day I was wandering around with my sister & was discussing the concept about a website.
I asked her- “Could you please suggest me something unique that will complement
the objective (I mean the concept which I had for the website).”
After a few suggestions, she asked- What about BloggersDog??
Me: – It sounds funny. Isn’t it?
She said- Yes. I think this name has everything that you are looking for funny and
I was keeping my finger crossed and praying that this one should be available for
registration as we had already been delayed just because we didn’t get the domain.
And it was… 🙂

Step 2: Availability of Domain

I returned  to my room, immediately searched on GoDaddy to check whether it was available or not and all I had was a smile at the end.
The first necessity to initiate the proceedings was accomplished.
Bingo!! 🙂
Hold on…. Why GoDaddy and not any other domain registrar websites??
Well, we had reasons for that.
To be honest, we chose GoDaddy because it was pocket friendly. Though there are several domain registrars like –
  • Hover
  • NameCheap
  • HostGator
  • DreamHost
  • 1and1
Except GoDaddy, the prices were really high at domain registrars, which you cannot pay at initial level. And we too had these issues.
There was an offer for .com domain at GoDaddy (You can too check and book a .com for yourself).
It just cost us 175 bucks instead of 589 bucks (original price).
Though we had planned for hosting services, but we dropped the idea as soon as we got to know about the charges and decided to go for it later.
I think it depends on your budget and requirements. If you have sufficient money in your pocket and can afford 1000 bucks services at the root level, then you can adopt hosting services besides buying a domain.
But for those who get dishearten after seeing the charges for a website domain, can
blindly follow the approach that we did. 🙂

Step 3: Launching The Domain

Now we didn’t need further discussions. No hit and trial searching process for domain names.
The last step was to make it live on the web.
We were looking for a simple technique that wouldn’t cost a penny and we got one. Thanks to Blogger for Custom Domain concept (adding custom domain at Blogger that doesn’t require hosting services). It’s really very simple.
  • You just need to buy a domain from any domain registering website (GoDaddy I’ll recommend if has any offer available, and oh yes!!! It has most of the times).
  • Once you own it, just create a Gmail account as you’ll be needing it to start your
    blog at Blogger.
  • And then you are just a step away from launching it. All you need to do is to add your custom domain at Blogger UI.
  • As soon as you do it, your domain (that you purchased) will be active. 🙂

Step 4: Add Your Custom Domain At Blogger

We went through ‘n’ number of posts to add our custom domain at Blogger and finally our eyes caught hold of this post by Marc Ridey (a unique and thoroughly explained tutorial) that helped us to add the custom domain-BloggersDog at Blogger.
To be honest, it hardly took 15 minutes for us to follow the tutorial and set up the custom domain.
We welcome you to
Though it is the first blog at BloggersDog and I am pretty much sure after reading this post you too will find it easy and simple to launch your domain just as we found at the end. 🙂
We promise to share more of our experiences in the coming days.
We have a concept and know how to take it to further level and how to fetch a handsome amount from it.
We will be revealing the strategies- word to word, step by step that too without any hidden secrets of course.
If you too have a concept or a great idea (feeling like starting your own blog or a website) then it boils down to the following –
  • Buy a Domain.
  • Register on Blogger.
  • Setup Your Custom Domain.
Sounds simple & amazing right??
And the big thing is that it saves a lot of money without any hosting services from other web hosting service providers at the initial stage.
Remember, we only have domain not hosting services. As soon as we will get it, will let you know (I mean easiest way with reasonable cost).
I hope you have found this post useful.
Still BloggersDog will surely help you to bring up your own domain and initiate the proceedings.
If you need any help or have any doubts, feel free to post it below. We will surely take care of it. 🙂


Yash is an internet marketer. He's been into Internet marketing for the last four years and continuing now. He loves WordPress themes and templates and likes to share the useful ones with the audience.

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