The Fresh List of Top New and Evergreen SEO Tools

In practical it is not possible to optimize everything on your website MANUALLY specially in case of SEO.There are hundreds of on page and off page seo factors responsible for how a website performs on the search engines.

Thanks a lot to those wonderful brains that developed some great SEO tools and enabled us to optimize websites on with confidence.

Now we are more independent and we need not looking for cheaper yet better optimizers to get our website reviewed.

Here is a list of very reliable and widely used seo tools.

Every tool has its different utility and uniqueness (covered in this post) and you can use them depending upon your need and ability to execute.

I have also brought in some newest unpopular but awesome tools which I think you will find great.

Let me give you a quick heads up about the SEO tools that you are going to read in this post…

You will learn about –

  1. Some SEO tools that can identify issues and errors on your website and help you to get them fixed.
  2.  Some SEO tools that are focused on competitive analysis providing you useful suggestions.

Spend some time with these SEO tools listed here, and you will enjoy optimizing your website on your own.

Let’s begin now and boil it down..


Basically it’s an alternative keyword suggestion tool of Google Keyword Planner – and absolutely free to use by everyone.

It is a handy tool for marketers, SEO consultants, and successful PPC advertising.

It can generate up to 750 words providing you with long tail keywords based on Google’s auto suggestions.

You can generate keywords for any particular Google domain to come to know what keywords would work best in a country/region covered under a particular Google domain.


SERPLAB is a SERP checker to find your websites Google search ranking position instantly in real time for free.

SerpLab has really made a great simple tool to quickly report how a site ranks on Google for different keywords.

You just need to provide your URL..

Enter the target keywords for which you want to check positions..

Choose the particular Google domain over which you want to check your SERP and then click on “Check SERP Now”.

3. SEMRush

It is an amazing tool for competitive analysis and keyword research.

It trains you to adapt with changing algorithms and SEO trends and helps you to make your website more visible in organic and paid search results.

It focuses on organic research, advertising research, AdSense, backlinks, keyword research tools and serp ranks.

SEMrush provides quite insightful metrics on the performance of your website, how your keywords are performing, etc.

You can also analyze the strategies of your competitors and see what’s working for them.

It gives you a very accurate idea about the amount of search traffic your competitors are receiving, their adword campaigns, targeted keywords, etc.

4. Site-Analyzer

Site-Analyzer is a useful free tool to analyze your Webpage as per the general optimization parameters.

Moreover, it is a site audit tool that generates a report based on more than 50 criteria.

You can audit your’s and your competitor’s URL with this and compare the scores given by the tool.

It allows you to analyse your website and generate an audit based on various parameters sorted by category (accessibility, design, texts, multimedia and networking).

It analyzes the optimization of your server configuration, HTML tagging, text content, multimedia content, internal and external networking and page popularity.

5. Keyword Discovery

Keyword Discovery is a popular keyword research tool.

It compiles search data from more than 200 search engines, including Google, Yahoo, and MSN, incorporating it into their 38-billion-search database.

Free trial is available to help you decide whether its features make it a practical and cost-effective tool for your business.

It offers keyword databases from mostly used shopping sites to show you products people want to buy.

You can search keyword databases for specific countries as well.

6. WordPot

WordPot is an interesting little tool that provides daily search volume to tell the trending search behavior of the people.

It is a completely free keyword tool that allows you to find the best keywords for any business.

It calculates the results from multiple resources to give you keywords to rank on all the major search engines.

Its suggestions are more reliable since automatic searches are filtered to get the number of searches performed by actual potential consumers.

7. Keyword Difficulty

Keyword Difficulty is a keyword competition Analysis tool. It tells you how difficult or not it will be for you to rank for any keyword.

It tells a difficulty score by retrieving top 10 rankings for any keyword. View search volume data for your keywords, then pull up the SERP to see the top 10 results for each term.

Competitive keyword analysis metrics show you where a competitor is ready to be bumped out.

If you are Pro Moz subscriber, you can also store up to 300 keywords for regular reporting and SERP analysis and export the full keyword data.

8. Ahrefs

When it comes to backlink analysis of your competitor, Ahrefs is the best tool which has also been an award winner for the same.

Ahrefs provides a full analysis on number of dofollow backlinks, nofollow backlinks, links as text and image backlinks apart from the basic .edu and TLD based searches.

Through diagrams, it puts in front of you the number of social shares a domain has got including Google +1, tweets, and Facebook likes and shares.

The free account shows you the top ten results based on each search while the paid version has unlimited results which you can also export as CSV. file.

9. KeywordSpy

This is a fully commercial tool designed to help you in tracking your competitors’ PPC and Organic campaign strategies.

It is a premium tool that supplies quite useful PPC and SEO competitive intelligence.

On the basis of your competitors’ analysis, you can build up a profitable list of keywords with the help of a massive database of related keywords and phrases.

It also tells you how much your competitors are spending on ads to let you know your stand and draw the most appropriate strategy.

10. SpyFu

Spyfu is another PPC research tool that provides useful overview of keywords.

SpyFu is used to spy your competition with keyword research by tapping into a competitors’ keyword strategies.

It gives you a good amount of data about your competitors in a simple, straight forward way which makes you ahead of your competitors.

More important is, it can suggest very lucrative keywords that you are missing to beat the competition.

In The End

Various SEO tools are available over the web today. The tough thing is to find the right one for your website.

Also how accurately the tool is showing the results is yet another question…

I just put some efforts and tried to compile the list of best SEO tools that can effectively improve your site results…

So this was my list including various types of tools that can help you out in your day to day online business tactics.

If you think this list should include some tools that you find useful, don’t forget to mention in the comments.

I won’t bother to include them in the list… I will also keep my eye on new SEO tools and frequently update this check list (time to time)…


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