10+ Best Responsive WordPress Themes 2017

Are you looking for a good WordPress theme for your website?

Then you might find this interesting that apart from every feature that a theme should have, there’s this one important feature that most of the buyers seems to pay the least attention to. That feature is the Responsiveness.

Why do you need a Responsive Layout?

Well, I think you know this for sure that people do not only use computers to access the Internet. There are many ways apart from a computer system like Mobiles, Tablets etc. Now what will happen if you do not have a responsive website and a visitor enters it via his mobile?

The website will totally go nuts and every element will be dislocated and will not be where you want them to be. Ofc, you wouldn’t that. So, considering the fact that you will definitely require a good and highly responsive WordPress theme, I made this list for the same. Every theme here is loaded with other features as well like SEO optimization, Font gallery, valid and well-documented code,

Usually, nowadays almost every premium theme comes with a responsive layout and I have taken a moment and filtered through those themes and handpicked the great ones and listed them here.

1. uDesign

 responsive WordPress theme

uDesign is one of the most selling themes on the ThemeForest Marketplace with a sales record of whooping 47,000+ sales! This theme has it all from responsiveness to SEO optimization and feature sets. It has two responsive menus, responsive logo, On/Off Switch, Retina Ready and a lot more. This theme has unlimited color skins for altering the look and it comes with the Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin that is incredibly versatile and flexible slider.

uDesign is fully compatible with WooCommerce 2.0. uDesign is tested and certified by the WPML plugin, it is proven by the creators of WPML and they have also provided with a detailed tutorial on setting up the uDesign with WPML. You will get 4 different columns to choose from: one, two, three, four columns. This  WordPress theme is also regularly updated and taken care of from all the aspects that are required for a good theme.

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2. Karma

Responsive wordpress theme

Karma is a really versatile as well as high functioning WordPress theme that is ultra responsive as well. This theme is in the top 15 Best Selling Themes of all time on ThemeForest as well. IT has a high customizability with feature sets like Karma Page Builder, Visual Composer, Layer Slider, Revolution Slider, WooCommerce, WPML certification and in total you will be saving $90!

It has 60 Color Variations, Header, and Footer Shadows, Unique Page Layouts, and so much more. If you are a beginner than you do not have to worry about understanding and learning the theme. In Karma, the code is well documented and there are HD video tutorials also included which are clean, clear and easy to follow. This theme as unlimited color options and advanced design options to fully customize your website.

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3. Avada

Responsive wordpress theme

The #1 Selling theme of all time on Themeforest with sales more than 335,000 till now! That is a HUGE number. This theme is the god of all themes as it has been updating since its release and it has every requirement that you will ever need. It has recently launched its version 5.1 which has a better design and new demos in addition to WCAG 2.0 compatibility. Avada has creative menu options to liven up your headers and truly provide a different look and design style.

It is compatible with the new Wocommerce 3.0 giving you a lot of customizability. Avada features the most advanced Options system ever created for a theme. IT gives you power and flexibility when creating your site without touching a single line of code. It has almost unlimited designs that allow you to create virtually any design and for any purpose. Also, with this theme, you will get premium plugins worth $75 free!

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4. The Retailer

Responsive wordpress theme

The retailer is a highly customizable theme with a very enticing design that you will definitely love to use. You can easily set up your online shop and start selling them within no time and manage it like a boss. With the retailer, you can even sell digital products like eBooks, digital photography, music, design, templates etc.

You can set a global store with custom language and custom currency on the basis of the price offered by them. You will get the Visual Composer plugin exclusively free which is worth $34 on the market! Even with all this customizability, you get lots of pre-built page layouts with 650+ Google web fonts to choose from.

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Responsive wordpress theme

Sterling is a super productive theme which provides all platform responsiveness ranging from a PC to a mobile with any aspect ratio or display resolution, this theme can take it all. With the amazing admin panel, it provides seamless and lightweight, organized powerful options. You can choose from unlimited colors and it makes the theme super easy to customize the website’s design.

It is WooCommerce compatible which means that you can sell anything, beautifully. This theme is optimized for speed and stability as well. Attention to details, well-written code and optimized images ensures a fast-loading website.

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6. Enfold

Responsive wordpress theme

Enfold is a really smart responsive theme which has all the functionality and features that you will ever require. With a huge sales figure of 127,000+ sales till date, Enfold has proved how capable it is when it comes to website assist and creation. It has also given the title of the User Friendliest theme ever created.

Enfold has an ever growing number of demo content for various use cases so you get a starting point for your project. It is highly responsive and retina ready as well. You will be able to build your own online shop with the WooCommerce Plugin. Other features include amazing slideshows, Sidebar Management, Shortcode editor, 31 PSD files and a lot more…

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7. ChurcHope

Responsive wordpress theme

This theme is the leader in the non-profit themes around the world as it has the most resourceful tools with it that you will require. It has lots of Pre-built page layouts with a single click install. It has many predesigned pages like the impressive product page, cart page, Product grid page etc. You can set any website width that you may like to have.

You can create any kind of events from church services to store sales and it all made possible with the dedicated widgets and shortcodes like Event Countdown, upcoming events, calendar page and widget, location and time schedule. There are a lot of other options like Revolution Slider, tons of icons, multiple post types, responsiveness etc.

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8. X | The Theme

Responsive wordpress theme

This theme is a real big player in the theme industry with more than 156,000+ sales. The theme has come up with its 5th version and it has added many latest features and functionalities to the theme like WooCommerce checkout editor, Snippet(schema), email forums etc. X features the 100% real time front end editing which makes the tasks a lot easier.

This theme comes with multi advanced features like CornerStone Exclusive, Facebook Comments, Google Analytics Integration, Video Lock, Custom 404, olark integration, Content Dock, Smooth scroll, Soliloquy slider and a lot more.  You can check out the impressive demos and structural layouts from the demo button given below.

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9. Alyeska

Responsive wordpress theme

Alyeska is another highly responsive theme that is capable of taking any requirement of theme and deliver to it. It has many feature sets that add up all to make it up a lot more interactive. Whether your viewers are reading from a Retina MacBook Pro or an iPad or any revolutionary high-resolution display product that may be coming, this product has got you covered.

With all of the possible combinations of layout options, you’re sure to end up with a unique, elegant website that you can be proud of. Nothing has been held back with this one. It has all the professional touches you’d require in a WordPress theme along all the personal ones.

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10. BeTheme

Responsive wordpress theme

BeTheme has almost everything that you may need on any website. This theme is packed with all of the features and the most advanced widget set. This advanced theme set comes with more than 260 pre-designed website templates which are ready to be installed with 1 click installation. This theme is made with the muffin builder 3 that makes the task of editing a cake walk.

This theme has a clean look with a lighting fast interface. The theme is made while keeping mobile interfaces as well in mind so it is highly responsive and has a very impressive Side Slide menu. This theme is fully customizable as it also supports visual composer plugin. It has many other smart features like the custom font generator, custom css and JS, SEO compatibilty, Unlimited Sidebars, Maintainance mode and black page, Lifetime updates, RTL ready, 200+ shortcodes and a lot more…

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11. Salient

Responsive wordpress theme

Salient has more than 64,000 sales till date and this number is keeping on increasing at a very fast rate. This theme features more than 150 pre-designed templates that are ready to go with your website requirements. Salient is super customizable as it has 500+ shortcodes and configuration options in its library.

This theme is SEO optimized for better ranking on the Google search and is also Speed optimized with GTmetrix with scorings as 97% (PageSpeed) and 89% (YSlow). The Salient Visual Composer is a  custom tailored version of Visual Composer that makes the tasks a lot easier.

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In Conclusion

In conclusion, these are the most advanced as well as the most well performing responsive theme on the Internet. Every theme listed here has an impressive responsiveness and also comes with other advanced features as well that are capable of launching your website with a huge shot.

If you liked what you just read, do share it and let others know as well and in case, if you have any questions, you can let me know by commenting down below and I will get back to you as soon as possible 🙂

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