Why Google Is Taking So Much Time To Scan My Blog Post ?

Do you know how Google scans your post (or your website page)..?

Whenever you publish something new or update your website, your changes are not instantly updated in Google search results.

It takes time.

And you can’t be sure how much time Google will take.. But some factors from your end are responsible due to which Google is making it late.

We are gonna head on to them.

But before that…

Extra tip –

To check whether Google has scanned your post, just follow these simple steps… (may be you never tried it before).

  1. Go to Google.com (specially prefer Google.com for searching since we all need most of the traffic from other countries..)
  2. Copy the URL of the post and paste it in between “” in Google search engine.. Something similar to this…

In this image you see the drop down symbol that will take you to the cached (scanned page version) by Google.

On top you can see the last date and time when Google bots crawled your page.

This way you can make sure whether your updates have been really deployed or not.

Now let’s get to our major concern…

Factors Responsible For Delay in Scanning

1. If You’ve Got a Very New Site

Late scanning is mostly observed in case of new websites.

If your concern is regarding the case of a new website, then don’t worry.

Tip – Take a chill pill for at least 2-3 months. Your concern would be resolved soon.

If you start giving new content to Google on a regular basis, it will scan your site content more often.

2. If Your Site is a Rich Source of Duplicate/Poor Quality Content

Whether it is duplicacy within your site or content seems to have been copied from any other website, if duplicate content is there, Google doesn’t seem to be happy with scanning websites very often.

Same if seem to have managed a nice article by smartly improvising content already available at various different sources, you can make another mess.

Tip – Make sure your website appears to be the original source of that content even if you publish something which is quite popular. Try to make difference even in blog format and presentation.

You can take help of some tool to check the percentage of uniqueness in your content.

3. If You Do Not Update Your Website Regularly

Google loves websites that update regularly. Also, those pages of a website are scanned more often which are updated more as compared to other pages on the same site.

Tip – Keep producing good content on regular basis so that Google gets habitual of sending its bots to crawl your site or page.

4. It May Also Depend On Your Alexa Rank

Sites ranking on top get their pages scanned very instantly and more often. As we go down to the bottom of the ranking, Google even takes several weeks to crawl websites.

If you are somewhere in between, you can estimate the time accordingly and make sure time taken by Google bots to was not unjustified.

Tip – Bring some SEO tactics into practice to improve your Alexa Rank. Find more sources of traffic, and build some backlinks from high ranking websites to get reputation in the eyes of Google.

More Info…

Sometimes, there might be some awkward issues related to coding and designing.

If you find your case exceptional in reference to the factors mentioned here, there might be some serious issue.

In such case, first of all log in to your webmaster account and see if there is any notification from Google.

You can also take help of webmaster support forum or find some web expert and get your website reviewed.


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