Why Should You Blog – 8 Solid Reasons To Get Inspired Today & Start Blogging

Did you ask yourself before – Why should you blog??
Just because the blogging trend is on and everyone is blogging…??
Is that so..??
Blogging is the art of expressing yourself online and on your journey of grooming this art, you may experience a great impact on your life.
Today many bloggers find their interest in blogging field and making good money online… (the prior one reason to blog)
Day-to-day blogging can change the way you look at different aspects of life and also the way you look up to yourself.
Even if you are a newbie, it doesn’t mean you can’t setup a blog..
No matter whether a hot trend topic is written 100 times…
If you could bring uniqueness to your content and write it for 101th time, it will become hot again… (depends how you produce that stuff)

Blogging is not a rocket science, it’s about being yourself, and putting what you have into it.” BloggersDog…:)

I personally feel there is a great impact of blogging in my life.
And not just I, every single person who starts blogging, experience the same.
But most of us are too busy to notice them.
If you haven’t noticed the changes in you ever since you blogging then let me put some points here (eight relevant ones) and I am sure at the end, somewhere you will find a trace of these qualities in you.
Or if you are a newbie, take these points as an inspiration to start blogging. 🙂

1. Blogging makes you a better communicator

Writing is communication. Once you start writing blogs, you learn how to express your thoughts.
With every single line you get a step closer to being a better communicator. Blogging doesn’t demand to be hard on yourself for effective writing, it will just happen as you do it.
Every single thought you pen down will open the door of thoughts for your readers.

2. Blogging makes you disciplined

Blogging requires a lot of time, commitment, patience and discipline.
With blogging, you automatically inculcate these habits in you which slowly make you more organized and disciplined in your life.
No wonder these are the qualities one must embrace in life and blogging just makes it easier for you.

3. You become a thinker

Every time you sit for writing, your thinking process gets deeper and better.
To communicate your thoughts you start looking things with wider perspectives and you eventually become a thinker.
When you complete one blog, you eventually start thinking about the next, and the process goes on with your passion to write.
The best part of blogging is that, it’s in your thoughts that people delve and look for their answers.

4. You’ll become more social

Being social doesn’t always mean to attend parties, gatherings, functions or hangouts.
You will meet new people online, through comments, e-mails, and social media.
Every person you meet has something to teach you and equally to learn from you.
This gives you an excellent opportunity to learn and share your knowledge.
Blogging is a friendly platform, where you will find many like-minded people.

5. You’ll become more confident

Blogging help you reach millions of people.
Some may agree with your thoughts and some may not.
But in both cases you have led an impact on people and in this whole process you will discover that you have your own unique thoughts and knowledge to share and offer to people which will make you feel more confident.

6. You’ll become a learner

Blogging urges you to read and remain updated about everything going around and slowly you develop this habit which will turn you into a great learner.
Even if it’s a criticism about your post or any suggestions, you will always have something to learn from.
Every single suggestion and comments open up a challenge in front of you to take a fresh new look at the topic and helps you take a different ride of perspectives.

7. Blogging keeps you oriented

Every time you sit to articulate your thoughts, you stop and filter out from various events and topics and choose the best to write.
Obviously you can’t write about everything and so, you start becoming choosy and go with the one more meaningful to your audience and this process helps you in being more oriented with whatever you think and write.
Also, you will have a goal in your mind from now and that would be to bring up something new and innovative to your readers.

8. You’ll become an optimist

Every positive feedback you get drives you more positivity and cheerfulness.
This simple act of writing will bring you more happiness than any other thing.
You won’t believe how people will turn into your followers and slowly you will start being their inspiration.
But what if there are negative comments?
No, you don’t lose heart.
If you are a passionate blogger, you will learn from every negative thing and grow into more optimistic person than ever before.
You will start being a more balanced human.
Once you start writing and give shape to your thoughts, you will start thinking about solutions rather than problems.
You will start thinking more about your life, about who you are, and what you have to offer people around you.
You become a selfless giver.
And the happiness it drives is an inspiration to write more and share more.

After all, Blogging is all about being yourself. 🙂

PS – Don’t think about the SEO of this post.. I know that I haven’t made any backlinks to this one(not a SEO geek)…


Since it’s an inspirational post, so I only put all the relevant points that can answer your question – why you should
Or how a newbie should encourage himself for blogging.
May be this post lacks behind some examples, but I can assure you to come with some effective example and even I will frequently update this post in coming days..
Stay tuned and keep blogging.. 🙂
Let me know your thoughts via comments…


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